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Our high qualified Web-designers and Front-end developers are always ready to help you with formation of a new turn-key game project. You can buy our templates in our Templstock, but we can also create for you a new project that includes of a complete drawing of a unique design, under the specifications of your requirements, taste preferences, and structural and functional features.
You can see full list of services provided by our developers below:

Service * Terms ** Price
Website Design (PSD layout of homepage and one textpage) 3 weeks € 1000
Forum Design (PSD layouts: forum homepage, themes list and theme page) 2 weeks € 300
CMS Integration template 1 week € 100
HTML Coding (Homepage and texpage) 5 days € 100
Logo Design 5 days € 100
Template Modifications *** 1 hour € 20
* — Indicative terms of development. Can be increased after the final coordination of the technical assignment.
** — Indicative prices for services are indicated. Can be increased after the final technical assignment has been agreed.
*** — Means the completion of any template in our store, for example, changing the character in the header, adding a block, etc.
To make an order right now, go to the section About and use the feedback form.